Almost paradise

For around half the listed price, my friends and I were able to experience Paradizoo and Residence Inn, Mendez, Tagaytay, Cavite. All those discount coupons online are great deals, after all.

We were quite disappointed with Paradizoo, though. Perhaps it was also because we got there at around lunch time, and there was nothing but adobong baboy on the menu at the Paradizoo Café. We took the short tour around the place, nevertheless. After taking a few photos, we decided we have to have our lunch before our small intestines begin to devour our large intestines out of hunger.

Personally, I’d like to go back there. We weren’t able to go inside the small butterfly shelter, which would have been great for picture taking. Advice to those who want to enjoy a good time in Paradizoo: either go there early, full, or bring your own food to eat.

We had a hearty late lunch at Bulalo Point somewhere along Aguinaldo Highway. We ordered three pots of bulalo, two servings of crispy pata, two plates of grilled pusit, and loads of rice. It was all worth the hunger!

The good lunch recharged all 11 of us (plus a two-year old girl), especially because of the zip line. I’ve always wanted to try any zip line in Tagaytay, and this one in Residence Inn proved to be worth all the wait.

There are more animal varieties here than in Paradizoo, which is a bit confusing because of their names, right? But nobody seemed to care. We were all brimming with excitement despite the slight but short drizzle.

The fog was thick as clouds, coming and going throughout. When it was finally our turn at the zip line, I took one deep breath as the spectacular view slowly revealed itself along the way. We cut through the fog, which quickly disappeared just as fast as it covered the view below and around us. I turned my head all around me to catch everything in my mind’s camera halfway through the line. I could do it all day!

That was truly one awesome experience. My mind is now traveling to other places around the Philippines, all waiting to be discovered and revisited. I hope I would be able to visit as much as I can, for as long as I still can.

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