PNoy’s Porsche and the straight road it will traverse

What timing, Mr. President!

I was in Kalibo, Aklan, trying to enjoy my first experience with the Ati-Atihan festivities and the celebration of the Sto. Nino, when the news came out about PNoy’s brand new Porsche. I got sidetracked from enjoying my vacation and got irked by this news. But I did not let PNoy ruin my vacation. Instead, I took a mental note to write about it when I get back to Manila (I’ll blog about my rich experience in Kalibo when I’ve sorted out the photos from the hundreds that I took).

So, here we are, nursing the pains of having to bear the burden of rising oil prices and the consequences that go with it. Higher cost of commodities, fare hikes, toll fee increases. And then we hear about our president’s new sports car. Wow, Philippines! Sure, he spent his own money to buy it. Everybody knows he can afford it without robbing the nation’s coffers. But must he do it now when we (who can’t afford to buy a sports car) are getting slapped in the face with rising costs? The irony is just too damn blatant! Callous!

Perhaps some people are thinking, “well, if he buys it later, PNoy’s political enemies might say he stole from the government to buy the car.” A damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t scenario for a beloved (rich) president? Really? Ganun ba tayo kababaw mag-isip?

I hate to say this, but…ano kaya ang susunod na kabanata sa batang gobyernong Pilipino? Grabe, ang daming lubak sa tuwid na daan…

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