Puka Beach: the untamed side of Boracay

Most people would think of only one place when they hear the name “Boracay” — the White Beach. But there’s more to Boracay than the commercially abused White Beach side. There is also the untamed side called Puka Beach — home of the popular Puka shells.

Escaping from the crowded White Beach, we set out on an island hopping trip and chose Puka Beach as our primary destination for swimming. Once we landed, I immediately transported to another time and place where I have never been. So, I thought to myself, this must have been how the White Beach felt and looked like when it was still a virgin. It is a saddening thought, but the flirty wind and cool, clear waters of Puka handed me a reassurance that made me want to enjoy the moment.

Perish the pains of the past. Forsake the fears of the future. Nurture the nuances of the now. Puka Beach made my numb heart sing again.

Photos by Renjie Tolentino.

One thought on “Puka Beach: the untamed side of Boracay

  1. I remember taking the tricycle to go to Puka Beach on our last day in Boracay. Sayang nga there was not enough time to enjoy Puka Beach 😦


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