Dugo dugo gang at it again

This gang’s MO is old as time, but apparently they are still able to fool people.

Two of my friends’ families recently fell victim to this notorious gang. The MO is this: a stranger will call the house, hoping to speak to a househelp. They will that person that their “amo” (employer) got into an accident, and that they need money to pay for the hospital bills. They would then give instructions to the already panicky househelp to get money (or, in the absence of money, jewelry) from the employer’s drawer or cabinet. That money should be brought to a place to be specified by the caller. Once there, they would get the money and leave the poor househelp to fend for her own.

Please tell everyone in your house about this. Like I told my best friend, it helps to be praning (paranoid) about these things. Forewarned is forearmed.

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