To Boyet Fajardo: a sincere apology might suffice

Boyet Fajardo on Duty Free CCTV (courtesy of YouTube and TV Patrol)

The shameful incident involving Boyet Fajardo and two Duty Free employees has hit the fan, and pieces of crap came flying my way. A certain Ricky Rivera, allegedly Fajardo’s spokesperson, called the whole thing a “creative outburst”. He even went as far as saying that people should understand since Fajardo is an artist and was so tired when the incident occurred. What a scary thought!

Fajardo’s camp should try giving a sincere public (and personal to the two DF employees) apology instead of coining a phrase like that. It might suffice.

I say might because I doubt that the thousands of people who have signed the online petition (including myself) to boycott Fajardo’s brands might find it hard to give forgiveness. Not even during the Lenten season.

I find the “creative outburst” excuse simply lame and insulting, particularly to artists. I am a writer by profession and I have seen co-writers, designers, art directors, and other creative artists give the “attitude” at work. But never have I encountered anyone who have berated a fellow human being just because they are having “creative outbursts”. And even if I know of anyone who have done so, I would have told him pointblank how disgraceful he is to the profession for even using his creativity as an excuse.

Artists are humans, and therefore rational. Any rational being can tell when decency is required, regardless of the situation. Regardless of profession. Regardless of social status.

What a shame, Boyet Fajardo. I couldn’t even get myself to put a “Mr.” before your name. Maybe I’m having my own creative outburst. I’m sorry. Really.

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