Let the Pain Remain by Heidi O. Sison


Let the pain of failure remain as a reminder that man is not invincible, that as we
go through life’s journey, we can fall.


Let the pain of turmoil remain as an
opportunity to practice FAITH amidst the chaos around us.


Let the pain of love lost remain as an opportunity to continue to serve inspite of
being bereft of affection.


Let the pain of being misunderstood remain as an opportunity
to practice PATIENCE while waiting to be understood.


Let the pain of trials remain as an opportunity to gain wisdom.


Let the pain of giving remain as a constant
reminder that greed has a more devastating result.


Let the pain of wounded soul remain as a vehicle for God to heal unconditionally.


Let the pain of loneliness remain, so that in the midst of it you will find the Perfect


Let the pain of hunger remain so that we may seek for more noble things.


Let the pain of anxiety remain to practice prudence in seeking tranquility of the


is not all of life but part of it to serve a bigger purpose.

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