Another one falls victim to a misinterpration of a text message.

Malamang nangyari na rin sa yo yan. May nag-text sa yo, tapos you took it the wrong way. Napikon ka. Next thing you know, may bago ka nang kagalit, and the other party doesn’t even have a clue.

When we receive text messages, bear in mind that we are “reading” messages. The fact that we’re not face to face with the person sending the message already requires benefit of the doubt. We can’t hear them and don’t see their facial expressions, which complete the whole message being sent. Our own interpretation of the text message that we read is not necessarily the message sender’s intention.

Next time you feel like getting offended by a message “because of the way it was said”, don’t. Clarify the message. Or call the person. Or if you don’t want to waste time and money for a possible fight, be mature enough to wait until you come face to face with the person.

Cellphone lang yan. Napapalitan. Ang tao, mahirap i-upgrade.


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