Sad questions

Damn, don’t you just hate being placed in a sad situation?

I mean, with you in the middle of it?

How do you handle it?

Can you see yourself while you try to do something about it?

Can you hear yourself when you talk yourself out of it?

Do you listen to yourself when you’re trying to justify the situation?

Do you try to get out, or stay and make things work out?

Does it make you weak all over, or do you feel stronger as the situation goes desperate?

Do you think the situation is worth saving, or is it hopeless?

Will dwelling on it help release your guilt?

Or will letting go make you a better person?

Are my questions leading me into something?

Hell, I don’t know. Let me think some more. It’s crazy. It’s ridiculous. When this is all over and I think back, I know I’ll be smiling at the thought of it ever happening to me.

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