Conversation no. 4: a broken heart weeps

What do you say to a loved one whose heart is being torn to tiny pieces? I can only pray that I say the right things…
Her: Ayoko na talaga. Tapos na.
Me: Don’t make decisions when you’re angry. Lahat ng mga sinabi nyo sa isa’t-isa, borne out of anger so amplified yan 100 times over. Mag-usap kayo ulit pag di na kayo galit para maayos nyo ang decision. Isipin nyo na kasali ang anak nyo sa mangyayari.
Her: Alam mo yung feeling na wala na sa dibdib mo yung puso mo? That’s how I feel right now. There’s a void and a sad feeling I can’t understand.
Me: I can understand the feeling of emptiness.
Her: But I am so looking forward to being alone, it’s so ironic.
Me: That’s what we usually do when we’re sad. Only the self can give consolation to his own when no one else can. Try to get rested for the meantime.
Her: Good night.
Me: Good night.

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