the BRATS are gonna getcha!

I have been fortunately blessed to have bratty friends in this lifetime. One of them is even my bestfriend! I say blessed because they have a lot of funny stories to tell about their bratty ways. The next time you meet a brat, don’t stay away from them. Go ahead, ask them what’s up their bratty asses.


BRAT #1 commuted with me one time (though this brat drives a car) after doing the grocery. I let BRAT#1 carry the plastic bag containing canned goods for good measure. Since we were riding the Philippines’ King of the Road (dyipni sa hindi nakakaalam), we had to go squeeze along with the rest of the passengers. Now BRAT#1 is fine with it, except that BRAT#1 is a little too slow to the draw. When I finally announced to the Mamang Drayber that we’re getting off, I went ahead of BRAT#1 and waited patiently by the side of the road. Apparently, BRAT#1 gets confused easily so when BRAT#1 got up to follow, the plastic bag got ripped and out came rolling all the de-lata from the bag — Reno, Hunt’s, Ligo, Argentina. I couldn’t help but laugh as I watched BRAT#1 try to pick up everything. I didn’t help BRAT#1 for the sake of experience.


BRAT#2 is a classic case. Early one morning, around 5am, BRAT#2’s old yaya woke him up to ask what he would like to have for breakfast. Now, imagine this: you’re a sheltered brat who’s used to being pampered, and it’s too early in the morning, your spirit’s still in dreamland, and somebody tries to wake you up only to ask you what you want for breakfast! So, BRAT#2 told his yaya under his throaty voice that he wants CRISPY PATA for breakfast to spite her for disturbing his sleep. To his surprise, the yaya didn’t say a word and left. Good, BRAT#2 said, I can go back to sleep and wake up whenever I want. Before 9am that same morning, BRAT#2 went mindlessly to the dining area to find — you guessed it — CRISPY PATA in the middle of the breakfast table. O, loko! (May I just add that this same yaya once deep fried something with olive oil. I’m not sure if it’s the same Crispy Pata, though. Di ba, sosyal ni yaya?)

Love you, Mark!


One thought on “the BRATS are gonna getcha!

  1. > Just to get the facts right… when I was in first
    > college I had to wake up at 5 am so I can catch
    > 7 am class in La Salle Taft. Since I lived in San
    > Juan back then, this meant that the household
    > I had to prepare and wake-up quire early. So
    > night, before we retired, our cook, Manang
    > Panchang asks me what I want for breakfast.
    > So one time, just to solicite a reaction, when she
    > asked me what I wanted for breakfast, I said
    > without even hesitating “crispy pata.” and
    > left for my bed room.
    > Waking up the following morning, barely five
    > minutes after my 5 am wake-up call from her, I
    > my self in our dining room for breakfast with a
    > whole crispy pata greeting me.
    > Since it was already there, I happily devoured it
    > with hot sinangag. Now, that is surpassing
    > expectations right:)


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