Children of yesterday

He laughed heartily when I clicked the lock on the doorknob. Clapping his hands and jumping with glee, he asked me to do it again. You can’t say no to a request like this, especially if it comes from a child who has autism. I did as requested for several times more. At some point I felt awkward, seeing that we have started to get the attention of … Continue reading Children of yesterday

Audio description: movies for those who can’t see and hear

I closed my eyes, thinking it will give me an idea how a blind person can enjoy watching a movie. A few seconds into the attempt, I wanted to knock myself in the head for even trying. What was I thinking? I realized I could never appreciate the audio description that came with the film “Hugo”, no matter how much I try. I know that … Continue reading Audio description: movies for those who can’t see and hear

Okay, pine: a Busol tree-logy

“Buwis-buhay ka talaga (you really defy death),” my friend Suzanne said when I insisted on climbing Busol again after more than a year. It’s been raining for days, and we were told that climbing the mountain would be trickier, if not dangerous. We did anyway, twice: once in June and another in July. Bloom in June The wind was uncooperative, making it even more difficult … Continue reading Okay, pine: a Busol tree-logy

Chasing rainfalls in Baguio

Call me ignorant, but I really didn’t know that the Philippines’ summer capital gets the most rainfall in the country until I read World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Philippines’ climate change risk assessment on Baguio (Business Risk Assessment and the Management of Climate Change Impacts). I learned more about this when I had the chance to attend the 23rd North Luzon Area Business Conference held at … Continue reading Chasing rainfalls in Baguio