Fun Philippines

I love the Philippines! I was born here, and here is where I will breathe my last. There are so many reasons to love my country. One of them is that it is indeed fun to be here, not just because of the sights, but because of the people you meet. Last year, I had the chance to visit three of the most visited provinces … Continue reading Fun Philippines

The Santo Niño in a pagan ritual

I was planning on going back to Kalibo for this year’s Ati-atihan festival, but I had to go somewhere else for work. I’m reposting this old blog entry instead.   Kalibo’s ati-atihan festival has got to be the wildest fiesta celebration honoring the Santo Niño. I caught the last three days of the celebration, which was the highlight of the festival. On Friday, various groups … Continue reading The Santo Niño in a pagan ritual