A loner’s voice in quarantine

Intros prefer to be alone in a crowd, but we don’t want to be lonely, either. We love spaces, big wide spaces where our minds can fly.

Conversation no. 3: cervical cancer patient

Originally posted on beingKirei:
She took her hat off, revealing her bare head. She gives me a genuine but nervous smile. She kept laughing most of the time during our conversation, making me feel a little uncomfortable about the whole thing. ME: Anong pumasok sa isip mo nung malaman mong may cervical cancer ka? HER:…

Conversation no. 13: losing my religion

It’s been years since I last had a conversation with this guy. My talks with him were some of the most interesting I’ve had no matter how trivial the topic may be: proper way to cook sinangag, single parenthood, fishing, weeds… This Holy Wednesday, I chanced upon his Facebook status that again I found stimulating….

Conversation no. 12: never too late to educate

With my left foot injured, I chose to stay on the boat and let the others go to the small lagoon for some exploration. So I grabbed a bottle of chilled San Mig Light and struck up a conversation with our boat captain — a 24-year old Palawan native named Dong. ME: Taga-dito ka talaga?…