Palawan (still) in my mind – day four: Honda Bay

After conquering my fear of the water from the last two days’ adventures, I got so pumped up for Honda Bay and the three islands that we’re schedule to hop into.
Our group of 15 was split into two. Not surprisingly, a little confusion occurred as to which island to go to first. We went to Pandan Island, while the other group went to Starfish Island. In between all the confusion, I managed to have my cat and moon henna tattoo.

my henna tattoo got smudged right away. Malikot ako e!

At Starfish, I got to hold an actual starfish. I saw hundreds of them scattered below the water (yes, I was actually snorkeling, thanks to ate Anette’s constant prodding). I was actually beginning to enjoy myself, and I could hear the others calling out for me to check if I’m okay. When they saw that I was bravely going it alone, they just left me alone (I still could have drowned, you guys. Wink wink).
We went back to Pandan Island for lunch, after which we did some more snorkeling. Our last stop was Snake Island where I actually saw a small sea snake by the corals. And the fishes were swimming with us and right at our faces!
What do you know, I was the last one to get out of the water. If it wasn’t late in the afternoon, I would have stayed longer. Because of the confusion earlier, we weren’t able to go to Pambato Reef.

feeding fishes
we swam alongside fishes
bats came fying out of this island
bats overhead!

On the way back, we saw hundreds of thousands of bats flying out of the forest straight in the direction where we’re heading. It was a spectacular sight! When we got to spot where they were already flying above us, we went speechless.
A truly great day at Honda Bay.

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