Pinoy celebrity teens through the years: nasan na kaya sila?

One of my recent Facebook status messages inspired me to reminisce about the teen idols from as far back as I can remember (the good ol’ 70s). I’m 43, so I have seen batches of teen celebrities take their turn on popularity  — some short, some long en0ugh, while the talented ones remain to this day.

I had fun remembering names of these teen idols with my best friend. I think some of them were not teenagers when they became popular.

Here are the names we came up with (in random order). I’m sure my generation can remember so much more:

  1. Roderick Paulate
  2. Jingle (I forgot her real name)
  3. Beth Manlongat
  4. Efren Montes
  5. Boy Mondragon
  6. Eddie Villamayor (Nora Aunor’s brother)
  7. Marilyn Villamayor (Ate Guy’s niece)
  8. Winnie Santos (Governor V’s sis)
  9. Pinky Montilla (I remember her as Supergirl)
  10. Dondon Nakar
  11. Arnold “Notnot” Gamboa
  12. Rey “PJ” Abellana
  13. Leny Santos
  14. Edgar Mande
  15. Lito Pimentel
  16. Lloyd Samartino
  17. Matt Ranillo III (Krista’s dad)
  18. Michael Sandico (he has an older brother whose name escapes me)
  19. Dina Bonnevie
  20. Maricel Soriano
  21. Snooky (who became Snooky Cerna, also known as Cookie)
  22. William Martinez
  23. Albert Martinez
  24. Gabby Concepcion
  25. Alfie Anido (deceased)
  26. Jimi Melendez (Aiko’s dad)
  27. Mark Gil
  28. Miguel Rodriguez (deceased)
  29. Yayo Aguila
  30. Nadia Montenegro
  31. Tanya Montenegro
  32. Gretchen Barretto
  33. Benedict Aquino
  34. Mon Alvir (who loved looking at himself at the monitor)
  35. Albert Anido (Alfie’s bro)
  36. Jonjon Hernandez (deceased)
  37. Janice de Belen
  38. Julie Vega (deceased)
  39. Herbert Bautista
  40. Romnick Sarmenta
  41. Cristina Paner
  42. Cris Villanueva
  43. Janno Gibbs
  44. Manilyn Reynes
  45. Francis Magalona
  46. Aga Muhlach
  47. JC Bonnin
  48. Lea Salonga
  49. Ramoncito “Monching” Christopher (what’s his last name again?)
  50. Lotlot De Leon (Monching’s estranged husband)
  51. Dranreb Belleza
  52. Ian De Leon
  53. Billy Joe Crawford (now simply Billy Crawford)
  54. Red Sternberg
  55. Angelu de Leon
  56. Antonette Taus
  57. Bobby Andrews
  58. Raven Villanueva
  59. Michael Flores
  60. Rica Peralejo
  61. Dino Guevarra
  62. Kim delos Santos
  63. Maui Taylor
  64. Onemig Bondoc
  65. Diego Castro
  66. Bernadette Allison
  67. Dingdong Dantes
  68. Jomari Yllana
  69. Eric Fructuoso
  70. Danilo Barrios (sobrang crush ko tong batang to! Hahaha)

Feel free to add those who I missed. Have fun!


23 thoughts on “Pinoy celebrity teens through the years: nasan na kaya sila?

    1. Ngayon ko lang sasagutin to three years after I first posted this blog entry: YES, Chique, you’re a star! I’m sure you have so many fans and I’m definitely one of them 😉


  1. Inputs from Mon Lacuzong courtesy of Facebook:

    Marilyn Villamayor (of That’s Entertainment) is a niece of the (erstwhile) Superstar while Lala Aunor (of the Apat na Sikat fame) is Ate Guy’s cousin. Albert Anido is the younger brother of the late Alfie Anido. Dami na rin palang namayapa aside from Alfie (Jonjon Hernandez, Joel Alano, Miguel Rodriguez… See More, Julie Vega, Strawberry, at siempre ang mga bold stars of the 80’s na sina Claudia Zobel, Pepsi Paloma, and Stella Strada). Nasaan na kaya si Irma Alegre, ang Naiibang Hayop na gumanap bilang manananggal sa Episode 3 ng orig Shake, Rattle & Roll noong 1984?

    Addenda… Perla Adea, Romy Mallari, Esperanza Fabon (now a Judge), Darius Razon (now Councilor of Mandaluyong City), Romeo Miranda, – Governor Vi’s contemporaries. Boyet Orca and Adrian Panganiban, contemporaries of the Apat na Sikat.

    From Ramon Ruiz, courtesy of Facebook:
    miko samson, jeric raval, joko diaz, michael rivero, diego castro, jake roxas

    @Chique: pwede ka! Sa mga susunod na generations…


  2. More inputs:

    From my brother Bobby:
    Here are some that i can still remember
    Bagets: Jobelle Salvador,Eula Valdes and JC Bonin (they were there, right?)
    That’s Entertainment: Isabel Granada, Chuckie Dreyfus,Keempee deLeon, Ara Mina,Caselyn Francisco,Jean Garcia,Sheryl Cruz, Rey PJ Abellana
    The AngTV Kids: Claudine Baretto, Jolina Magdangal,Paolo Contis, Katya Santos, Carol Banawa
    UY, this is fun! Thanks ate!

    From my best friend Grace:
    Nilagay mo na rin lang si Vice (she later corrected herself. It’s now MAYOR Herbert), sna sinama mo na ang siblings Hero and Harlene Bautista. And what about the Gelboys? Cousins ni Gabby Concepcion who were in a boy band but short-lived, no -song-wonder pa nga ata. Geez, an this is the epidural in me, ha! Speaking of That’s, remember Aubrey Rose?


    1. Aubrey rose is geneva’s older sister. She has a child with the late gerard faisan former umd dancer who died in asthma


  3. Joel Alano was my favorite 😀 And don’t forget tall, tall guy Jestoni Alarcon.

    There was Abby Viduya when she was still wholesome. She became Priscilla Almeda when she took off her clothes.

    And who was that guy who became vice-mayor of Manila?? Senior moment…


  4. Hi Alane. Yeah, I also loved Joel Alano! Very intense dramatic actor. Too bad he died too young 😦

    You might be referring to Isko Moreno? That reminds me of Robert Ortega as well 😀


    1. hi Melina. Thanks for dropping by. I read in Philippine Star a few weeks ago that the TGIS cast might have a reunion show. Pero plano pa lang so ewan ko kung ano ang mangyayari. Sana matuloy 🙂


      1. Among the tgis members only four still active right now namely angelu de leon, bobby andrews, michael flores and bernadette allyson. red sternberg is now working in an airline, lee robin salazar is now based in the us while raven villanueva is reportedly is a nude stripper


  5. si jc bonin ay isang pari na ngayon sa inglatera, si benedict aquino ay dating asawa ng sexy star na si jessica rodriguez. si albert anido ay namumuhay ng tahimik at malayo na sa showbiz coz her sister babita who owns rocks unlimited nakikita namin xa. si chuckie dreyfuss ay na feature sa tunay na buhay and lumabas labas sa tv shows like daldalita and magdalena along with isabel granada na nasa cielo de angelina. si lotlot de leon ang maswerte sa lahat for the reason that wala man xang pelikula, kabi-kabila ang kanyang tv guestings she a part of aryana and coco martin’s upcoming fantasy soap juan dela cruz. si jestoni alarcon along with screen partner rita avila ay nasa sana ay ikaw na nga. si ronel victor ay namatay sa amerika sa sakit na kanser.


  6. Hindi naman po. Reader lang din aq at palanood sa tv. Kirei816, in my elementary days papasikat pa lang cla nun they went to our school to sign autographs and benedict was the one sign in for me. I was so sad na ipinagkatiwala nya sa ex wife nya 2 million na ipon nya and tinatanggalan xa ng karapatan sa anak nila. Its a good thing you put up a blog like this to think of the past. Penny for your thoughs dear? Tingin ko sa era ngayon the fastest way to stardom is to show some skin and be in telenovelas and be in a reality shows yan yata ang trend ngayon eh. Beth tamayo is still alive she is not elizabeth batain who died in lethal injection in china. Ill add any info about anything in showbiz. Thanks


    1. Hi again, James 🙂 Well, it won’t be fair for us to generalize how celebrities of this generation achieve stardom. Although I must agree with you that some do get there faster because of their “sexy” image. As to reality show alumni, feeling ko nga din ginagawa na syang springboard to showbiz. Kaya hindi ako nanonood ng local reality TV programs e. Napepekean ako. Masyadong self-conscious ang mga sumasali, thus defeating the purpose of it being “reality”. Well, what can we do? It is show “business” after all. The networks are out there to make money. I just hope they do it with more responsibility. Btw, James, do you have a blog?


  7. secret, all you said is true and sadly thats the painful truth about showbizness bihira na ang sumisikat ng hindi nagpapakita ng katawan lalo na sa mga lalake. pangalawa na lang ang galing sa pag arte, ang showbiz ngayon maswerte kung flexible ang isang artista na magpapalit palit o magpalipat lipat sa tatlong tv networks. i would say hanggat may pakinabang sa isang artista ang isang network, hindi nila ito papakawalan pero pag laos na, itatapon na lang. swerte na sina lotlot de leon, rita avila at namamayagpag pa cla sa showbiz. secret, tama ang huling snabi mo, networks are out there to make money. ako din gaya mo napepekean aq sa mga reality shows, scripted na kumbaga like pinoy big brother. thanks to people like you na matapang na ipahayag ang kanyang mga obserbasyon sa pinilakang tabing.


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