Eve of Easter

I stared at the tea candle I was holding. I thought of my troubled family and friends. The flickering light in my hand seemed not enough to save them from misery, but when I raised my head and saw the rest of the congregation holding their bigger candles, I felt small but important.

Before going to mass, I told a dear friend I have been praying for her.

“Thank u. Pray also 4 urself, ok.”

“When one prays for others, God takes care of the one who’s praying.”

And so I prayed for that friend. I also prayed for my best friend and her family. I prayed for my officemates. And as always, I prayed for my family.

I have, in particular, been praying for my best friend who’s having perhaps the most tumultuous time of her life. I have been praying for Him to do His will for my best friend, because honestly, I don’t know how else to help her. But I have faith in the Lord, and I know that He will never fail me.

I marvel at the thought of all these people praying for their own loved ones. If all the people of the world would keep on praying for their loved ones, can you imagine what a peaceful and loving world this would be? Sounds naive, but you have to admit it’s an idea worth spreading.

How’s that song again? “If everyone lit just one little candle, what a bright world it would be!” This humble tea candle is serving its purpose. I just know it. As I write this blog, my family and friends are probably sleeping. Those outside the country are most likely hard at work. Tomorrow, God will be treating us to a celebration of His Son’s resurrection. I’m joining the party.

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